Lift certification is a very important document. Our company takes over the certification process when it comes to a new lift or the renewal of a pre-existing lift.


Lift certification: Process

After the lift is completed, an appointment with one of the certification bodies is set up to carry out the necessary checks before the lift is switched on. Our representative is also present at this appointment. When the check is completed, we are giving you a file that includes, the certificate, a mechanical-electrical design, the building permit etc. This file is also sent to the competent municipality, together with the declaration of assignment and assumption of maintenance of the elevator. Finally, the elevator is registered in the municipality register and the lift license is issued.


 Lift certification: Renewal and periodic inspection

It is necessary to check and update the certificate regularly (depending both on the type of building and the frequency of use of the lift).

You should know that we can inform you before the expiration of your certificate so that you can book an appointment with the certification body to re-check the elevator. The certification body will perform the necessary checks and record anything that requires upgrading. If the lift does not meet the safety requirement, the certification body will report it. Once the necessary modifications are made, the certification body will renew the certificate. We will then inform the competent municipality and the file will be updated.