Lifts for disabled people are a special category. Our company supporting people with mobility problems (and not only) manufactures elevators that have been designed to meet the needs of disabled people. Enabling them to move up and down with comfort, safety and dignity. In all sort of lifts. We take care of the quality of transportation and the excellent service of the users.


Elevators – Pedestrians – Platforms

Understanding the need for everyone to be autonomous and easy to move even in multi-level areas, our company offers complete automatic access systems with automatic door-to-door ports, floor announcements, braille touch buttons, beacon horns, intercom systems etc .

In addition to the elevator, we also offer solutions with lifting equipment. Special ladders (the user without the pushchair sitting on the seat and going up or down) or platforms (the user with the pushchair rises to the platform and goes up or down) according to the needs of the person and of course the potential of the building. Together we will choose the ideal solution for you.

The excellent know-how and constant monitoring of the evolution of the technology in the lifts makes it possible to offer you through a wide range of products the ideal solution for you that combines aesthetics and high performance. And because we believe that we are all entitled to a more comfortable life, our company provides extra discounts for disabled people.